September 24, 2009

In spite of their own crippling stupidity, GOP might be able to take back House in 2010

Lefties are sweating, as well they should be, I think we'll successfully bog down any major health care initiative, the Democrats and Obama wasted their political capital with Porkulus, which, while very damaging, isn't as damaging as Marxist Medicine.  And yes, I think they could have had some disastrous state run health care plan it if they wanted it in the first four months of Obama's term, given the embarrassing slapfights on the GOP side over which one of them got to slob his knob first.

The good news for us now is that they've now got moderates and independents back to recognizing that liberals will fritter away trillions of dollars on useless shit every time you give them the chance, and liberals are going to be superfuckingpissed because they by all means should have their socialist medicine.  Thankfully, the Democrat leadership fucked up and lost one of the rare opportunities they could have made socialist medicine happen. 

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