February 01, 2010

Fuck Bipartisanship!

Fuck bipartisanship! Fuck it forever with a day old shrimp ring soaked in pestilence. Fuck betraying what core values we might have. And fuck helping the other side when they are floundering.

That is why I am heartened by what Congressman John Boehner (Speaker in 2011?) said today.

"There aren't that many places where we can come together," Boehner, R-Ohio, told the NBC program "Meet the Press."

Republicans were elected to stand by their principles, and those principles are different than the "leftist proposals" offered by Obama and congressional Democrats, Boehner said.

And why should we work with them? Why should we in opposition give in to the majority, when doing so would mean we would openly endorse policies 180 degrees opposite to what we believe, thus betraying our principles? Why should we help our opponents, since standing (virtually) united in opposition to almost every shit sandwich (save the Porkulus. Fuck you, RINOs) and letting the Democrats ruin themselves trying to pass unpopular legislation has only caused them problems?

And let this be a lesson to any RINO squishes out there: we are watching you. You fucking fuckity fuckbagels of fucking fuckitude fucking try to help the Democrats, and it will be your fucked up futures we'll fucking use to fire up the fucktrain of fucking awesome. With a good electoral year ahead of us, now is the time to tell Nancy the Noxious to fuck off and taste the FAIL.

Thank you, Congressman. Thank you for coming out and endorsing the "Fuck you, Democrats" strategy going forward.

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