June 16, 2009

DeMint Endorses Rubio


This cycle, DeMint plans to take a different tack with his Senate Conservatives Fund; instead of simply making donations to his preferred candidate, he plans to ask his 20,000 supporters to help raise the maximum allowable limit for the endorsed candidates — a process known as “bundling.” A person familiar with the PAC said that DeMint is expected to endorse between three and five candidates this cycle.
I wouldn't have supported this action, except that the NRSC (who I have helped in the past) endorsed Crist and other senators did as well.  I don't think these GOP/Senate PACs should endorse in party primaries, for what it is worth. It stirs up strife among the party, with finger-pointing and accusations of unfairness. Let the candidates run on their merit in the primaries and then go full force in the general election helping them.

I am opposed to any Republicans discouraging other Republicans from opposing an incumbent or the "fair haired candidate" in a primary election.  I hate to break it to these folks, but these Republicans in power do not OWN these senate seats. The people do.  And the people are tired of the manipulation of the process with their attempts to stifle a particular ideology in their own party in the name of power and the good ole boys club. We can successfully be a "big tent" if they would stop trying to control the mechanics of the process and let the people decide who BEST represents their viewpoints on the majority of issues.

Or perhaps that is what they fear the most.

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