August 12, 2008

Coburn keeps fighting

There is still an effort in the ethics committee to reprimand Tom Coburn for the heinous crime of delivering babies for free at a for-profit hospital.  Again, Coburn doesn't get paid for doing this, he pays his own malpractice insurance even.  The ethics committee is claiming conflict of interest. 

Of course, the real reason all these ethics committee shenanigans are being done is that Coburn has been undermining pork legislation in a huge way, and some in the Senate want to punish him for the efforts.  He has all the right enemies, in other words.

Coburn isn't going to just take a reprimand if they do it, he'll demand a full Senate vote on it.  Almost makes me want to see the ethics committee go forward to see how many people would go after him for his efforts to go after pork, especially the pork fiends on our own side.  I don't think they will, if it failed, it'd be embarrassing, if it passed, people would be disgusted. 


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