July 25, 2008

Can we push Lou Barletta over the top?

Soren Dayton at The Next Right had the opportunity to do an interview with Lou Barletta, and thinks that Barletta can take down Democrat Paul Kanjorski in PA D-11.  If you read the article, Dayton has his post with "Donate to Lou Barletta" plastered all over it.  And you should if you don't have a conservative to donate to, he's going to have a tough fight.  The Democrats are getting twitchy and are already starting to give Kanjorski a little help in his district, if that's any indicator.  Kanjorski isn't to be underestimated, despite his recent series of gaffes, this is a Democrat who managed to take his seat during one of the great Reagan Deluges. 

Helping Lou Barletta win would also be an excellent way for all those who want to send a message to DC about illegal immigration. 

I'd also recommend Chris Hackett in D-10, the GOP lost D-10 when our pork fiend congressman decided to have an affair, and may have attacked his mistress in an argument.  He's a major improvement over the Democrat we have now, is totally opposed to pork and the out of control spending in DC.  D-10 is a pretty solid red district, and there's no reason why we can't take this seat.

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