December 12, 2009

Boy, That Sarah Palin Sure Is An Incompetent Fool

I mean, she just mad a complete embarrassment of herself on Conan's Show, right? Those critics of her were right to call her washed up and useless, right?




Look, I am not naive. I doubt she will ever be able to run for elected office again, for all of the reasons that have been held against her since this time last year. And so be it. Right now, the best thing she can do is be a spokesperson for ideas and candidates, and set forth opinions on the issues of the day. But you know what? Fuck all of that. Fuck all of that negativity with the still quivering carcass of the last moose she shot. Fuck all of the negativity thrown against her with Todd Palin's fist after it gets tired of pounding your skull to mush. And fuck all of the people who think they can score points by mocking her with Levi Johnston's already washed up "stardom". You know why? Because she is comfortable with who she is, she is confident in her ideas, and because she refuses to take the bullshit lying down. Sarah Palin is still standing, with a twinkle and a smile. And that refusal to let their vitriol and hate drag her down pisses off her haters even more, for nothing is more aggravating to a hater than a person secure in who they are.

In fact, despite the hate, Sarah Palin can still cause earthquakes in the political sphere, just by uttering a few sentences on Facebook or in the op-ed pages of the Washington Post. She can still reshape and refocus debates, and cause her detractors to prove what insignificant and petty fistfuckers they really are. Hell, the WAPO article highlighted what a scam artist and asshole Algore really is, as well as highlighting what a crock of shit the media coverage of all of this Global Warming stuff has been. In fact, she is still inside the OODA loop of her haters, all while having her book still be #1 and sell more copies than Frum, Noonan, Parker, Pflouffe, Brooks, and Douthat combined (not real sure, but I am using literary license to prove a point). And watching them get another scissors kick from insanity and flail around while reacting to her is fucking awesome.

And what of her critics? Yeah, Gov. Palin has a lot of them, and some do bring up some valuable and insightful points, but they are few and far between. In fact, most of her critics are bumbling fools, hacks, and failures in what they do, but feel they are knowledgeable enough in something or other, and thus qualified to rip her. Fine. But compare and contrast Sarah Palin to four of the high profile irrational haters, and her recent successes in light of their failures only highlights how fucking useless they really are.

To wit: while Palin is drawing rowdy support on Conan, another late night host is busy dealing with his recently revealed and highly publicized sex scandals and trying to make funny with his umpteenth Tiger Woods joke. While Palin is getting op-ed space in National publications, appearances on television, and over a million followers on her Facebook site, a deranged lunatic with no prior interest in the female anatomy until she gave birth to her son is busy rambling on with his 156,266,778th post about a fat suit and labor pains and trolling the internet looking for activity that would make Kevin Jennings blush (NTTAWWT). While Sarah Palin is number one on Amazon, another lunatic blogger, failed jazz musician, and legendary in his own mind race arbiter is busy trying unsuccessfully to sell her book on Amazon's Kindle system and a calendar made up of pictures from his iPhone to unemployed welfare bums and Koslings.  And, last but not least, a former Vice President and failed Presidential candidate is busy trying to keep his dreams of selling the GAIA friendly pyramid scam memberships while she goes around mocking him and the sham he is pushing. So I ask this: who comes out on top? They know the answer, and that is why they are angry and deranged.

So fuck you, Palin haters. Fuck you with your own failures. Fuck you with the knowledge that Sarah 2.0 is running laps around all of you. And fuck you with your own sexism because a "dumb woman" is doing better than you ever will. All with a smile and that hawt jogging outfit.

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