October 14, 2009

At Least Some People Still Want To Keep Us Safe

It appears as though the American left seems bound and determined to facilitate a decline in American Hegemony as part of an Obama Administration, and to declare that anybody who opposes such as decline is anti-American.

Well, if opposing this slide is Anti-American, I guess I will join with these "un-American" types.

Oh, and if you think a weakened America is just groovy, go fuck yourself with the schwanz of a Syphilis soaked Centaur that has Equine Gonorrhea. I refuse to let my family, my country, and my world suffer through the destruction that a rise in thugs and dictators would bring just because Captain Awesome thinks he can wow the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, and any other castoffs from the Star Wars Cantina with his teleprompter and bling bling. Your refusal to exert American power, which is the only force that can stop the thugs of the world, is dangerous and reckless.

So fuck off, lefties, and leave the world protecting to those of us who have a fucking clue what is going on while you sit there and read your Tiger Beat magazines.

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