June 25, 2008

Another successful RINO hunt!

This time in Utah.  Open borders shill Rep. Chris Cannon lost his primary battle to political newcomer Jason Chaffetz.  The vote was 60%-40%:

The organization built by Chaffetz and Scott overcame a large gap in campaign cash that grew in the final days before the vote. Cannon's fundraising machine raked in $86,000 in large donations over the last dozen days, according the Federal Elections Commission Web site. Over the same time period, Chaffetz gathered just $6,300.

The new cash put Cannon at nearly $740,000 for the two-year election cycle, with Chaffetz at just more than $170,000.

That's interesting.  There's a similar situation in Alaska with Sean Parnell and Don Young.  I hope it ends up the same way.  

Reached for comment, McCain spokesperson Juan Hernandez said the following:  "Sen. McCain expresses dismay that the Republicans of Utah's 3rd Congressional district let their hatred of brown people cloud their better judgment.  Hopefully, if he wins in November, Mr. Chaffetz can put aside his irrational fear or undocumented workers and work with the McCain administration."


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