January 20, 2010

A Polite And Courteous Message To The Democratic Party


*straightens tie, drinks glass of water, clears throat*

How the fuck does a size 15 steel tipped boot of pain from the American Public up your well worn anuses feel right about now, you fucking dishfucking dongbags of dickheaded dicktickling? Fucking hurts, doesn't it? I bet right about now, you would rather be taking a "howdy neighbor" wrapped in rusty barbed wire and used sandpaper than have to admit your mistakes.

Seriously, how many fucking times did we warn you? How many times did we tell you that the American people would rather fuck a blender on nuclear power speed than live under your agenda? How many fucking times did we say, "don't fucking do this"? How many fucking times did we tell you that you were going to get fucked with a railroad spike if you kept on with an increasingly unpopular agenda? And howfuckingmany times did we fucking tell you that your electoral day of reckoning was coming? Oh well. You fucking arrogant assfisters of assholia refused to listen, and tonight is the result of your actions. Fuck you, you fucking tone deaf footstool fuckers of FAIL. Fuck you with the tears of defeat you are crying now. Fuck you with a whiskey chaser. And get lost while you are at it.

*catches breath*
Musical Calmdown

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