February 16, 2010

You wanna know why the Tea Party set is so unruly?

Because of shit like this, if there is one thing, just one thing that I've learned about PA politics, if there is a wrong choice or answer, the PA GOP leadership will make that wrong choice.  If there is a way to fuck something up, the PA GOP will fuck it up, with zeal.  There is no reason that PA should be as blue as it is.  The state GOP threw their support and endorsement to Tom Corbett.  GOP supporters and Tea Partiers posted their disagreement on the PA GOPs Facebook page, and the PA GOP promptly started deleting and banning comments and commenters who dared, dared question the exalted PA GOP's endorsement.

PA should have a good number of GOP pickups this year, but I guarantee our gains will be modest because of failures in leadership.  I don't think the Tea Partiers will run 3rd candidates in any significant way PA, but they will stay home if it's made clear they aren't wanted.

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