December 08, 2009

Wow. Shockingly, The Senate GOP Seems To Be Utterly Clueless

I am too lazy to look it up, but I criticized John McCain and the Senate GOP last week for their apparent cluelessness on their handling of Obamacare in the Senate. Well, it appears as though they are dead set to allow Stupak, Part Deux to roll them again, this time in the Senate.(since it was Karl, not Allah, who wrote this, I'll link directly to him).

After my outburst last week, a person who I trust and respect pointed out to me that (and I am paraphrasing, because I lost the emails) making the Democrats have to face their voters, constituents, and interest groups for their choices, as well as dragging this process out as long as possible, is a smart move. That's all well and good, and I am all for destroying the Democrats at the ballot box, but shouldn't the non-Democrats be more interested in stopping the bill now? Shouldn't the non-Democrats be more interested in preventing the abomination that Obamacare is? The Democrats are set to suffer mightily, and allowing the political equivalents of Dead Men Walking to continue with their "Profiles in Courage" type of votes for this pile of shit may help us next year, but it will allow the Leviathan to take root. And nothing short of 100% non-Democrats in both chambers will kill the beast once it hatches.

So, maybe I am wrong. I hope I am. I hope that somewhere, somehow, the GOP can outsmart the Democrats. But, then again, we are pinning our hopes on the GOP and the Senate. Maybe the frustration I am feeling with the inherent retardadtion that is the GOP establishment is why these numbers do not surprise me. The feckless and incompetent GOP brought this upon itself, and better be careful how it proceeds, vis a vis its own very agitated base.

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