October 29, 2008

Why Michael Steele should never be RNC Chair, or anything else for that matter

He's calling for a David Cameron/Tory style rebuilding of the GOP.  NO, WRONG, and that is why it is necessary to keep Steele away from a GOP leadership position.

We've been following the UK's death spiral into Nanny Fascism for a good while here, and anyone who has read this crapblog on a regular basis knows damned well that the last thing we need to ever fucking do is emulate anything coming out of Britain right now.  The Thatcherites lost to the squishes in the Conservative Party, as a result, Britain is rapidly turning into a Labour-run Orwellian dystopia, with the Tories giving chase in Labour's dust shouting, "Hey!  We're for nanny authoritarian governance too!"

We cannot let that happen to the GOP, lest we experience that same Orwellian nightmare here.  A third party is just running away from the problem.  Somehow, we're going to have to battle the RINOs, squishes, crooks and quisling punditry for control of the party while holding off the left and media.

Embrace the suck.

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