October 30, 2009

Where's Sonny Corleone when you need him?

Some NRCC staffer videotaping license plates of people attending a Hoffman meet and greet.
Why? The only reasons I can think of are nefarious and have to do with reprisals.

They need to explain why he was doing that. They won't, and yet they still wonder why we're so angry with them. 

From the coverage of the debate, I saw that link at the puppy blender's.

Which coverage is interesting by itself. The Dem treaded water, the Rino actually sounded good on local things but avoided the national stuff she's for, the Conservative came across pretty good too.
Apparently there was a "microphone" problem that only struck Hoffman.
If I were paranoid I ....
Wait, I'm really freaking paranoid, was that on purpose?
I hope so, and I hope it comes out that it was a GOP staffer behind it. Maybe the reaction to that would wake the GOP up.

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