May 20, 2008

what the hell did huckabee think the reaction was going to be?

Huckabee is whining about the online reaction to his stupid NRA Convention joke.  Obama was forgiving, says Huck, but the reaction online and in media was harsh,

"He [Obama] told me he didn't think it was a big deal, that he knew I didn't mean anything by it and not to worry. He was a class act and gracious. Too bad the people who blew it up on the Internet weren't as classy or calm as he was."

Hey Huck, what the hell did you think was going to happen?  Yeah, unsurprisingly, people who support the Second Amendment and recognize how under siege that cornerstone is were pretty pissed off by your undermining it.  Second Amendment activists face a constantly uphill battle with a government, lobbyists, interest groups and media who actively seek to undermine our essential liberties, every day they walk on eggshells in order to present the best image of gunowners as possible.  And you went to the NRA Convention and undermined them, yeah, they weren't happy, do you blame them? 

And why is Huckabee shocked by this?  Huck has a good legislative and rhetorical record on the Second Amendment(about the only thing I'm willing to give him credit for), he ought to have known this was coming better than anyone else. 

The name Jim Zumbo ring a bell?  With one website entry attacking "assault weapons", the longtime hunting and gun rights advocate, writer and TV star saw himself lose most of his jobs and endorsements in less than a week because of the outcry and threats of boycott, largely online.  And those boycotts work, ask Smith & Wesson, they took a horrid beating financially for selling out to the Clinton administration in 2000.  That's how seriously Second Amendment activists take defending our rights,  Huckabee knew that or should have known that.  He shouldn't have been surprised by the reaction.

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