July 09, 2009

Today's Shut The Fuck Up Award Goes To....

Mike Murphy, late of the 2008 McCain Presidential Campaign Clusterfuck.

Look, I at least give Murphy credit for one thing, with this article, he is one of the few McCainiacs who have not hidden behind anonymous leaks in their efforts to trash Sarah Palin.And I would have ignored this article, for it would have been nothing more than a rehash of the David Frum/Allahpundit/Peggy Noonan/Beltway GOP/RINO bullshit, save this little nugget:

Unfortunately for McCain, the actual swing voters, the independents who do determine the winner of the election, didn't buy into this fantasy at all. After a three-week sniff, most couldn't run away from Palin fast enough.

Yet even after she helped cost McCain the election, Palin's great charm endured, at least among many grass-roots Republicans. At least until her astonishing self-immolation during a hastily organized backyard press conference last week, where she gamely competed with honking geese to resign midterm as Alaska's rookie governor. Today, in the wake of that debacle, it is puzzling to many outside our party how some Republicans can still see her as an appealing candidate for the party nomination in 2012. This begs the question: Why is there still so much Republican love for Sarah Palin?

Ok, first of all, fuck you sideways, you fucking syphilitic pack a day smoker of a bag of fuckholstering cocksmokers, you were part of the campaigns of the two worst Republican Nominees for President since John C Fremont, so fuck you and your losing streak right there. The Democrats reward this sort of failure (see Shrum, Robert), not us.

Secondly, you assclown, people didn't run away from the McCain because of Palin. She and her Convention Speech brought McCain to a point where he was actually ahead after the Convention. Yeah, she had a rough time with Katie Couric, but a little something called the collapse of the United States Banking and Finance System may have played a larger role in McCain's defeat than a "fantasy" she perpetuated. I dunno. I'm just spitballin' here.


Other politicians are more reliable conservatives {ok, Captain Cockmunch, tell us. Oh you can't? maybe that's because you HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE!-ed.}; Palin ran for governor on a set of populist issues usually linked to Alaska Democrats {but I thought you were all about copying Democrat Party bullshit.-ed.} She lacks any real accomplishment - no military or private-sector career of note{so I guess a fishing business that she and her husband built that didn't involve marrying a beer dealer heiress doesn't count?-ed.}no academic achievement beyond a frenetic bounce between five colleges, including a sun 'n' surf-oriented outfit in Hawaii.

And I'll just ignore the jab at her academic records, because, well, FUCK YOU is because. We can go round and round over that one, but I instantly respect somebody who watses their youth in Hawaii or anywhere not named Saul Alinsky's Schoolhouse. But that's just me.

She has served only two years as governor of a small and uniquely easy-to-govern state (other governors pine for Alaska's small population and billions of dollars in easy revenue from oil production) {but a two year stint as a Senator from a corrupt political machine is OK? Good to know.-ed.}, a job she has now abandoned.

The answer is that Palin profits mightily from a Republican blind spot. She has all the right smirking enemies in America's media elite. To them, Palin reeks of flyover America, that vast and corny collection of Nebraskas and Alabamas where the Army can always meet enlistment quotas and Tina Fey's private jet stops briefly to refuel. Red state Republicans see the snarky, elite attacks on Palin as an attack on them. And in some ways, they are.

The enemy of their enemy is just fine, thank you.

Ok, that last bit is where I am really angry. I hope you are joking there, Murphy McManmuncher, because insulting the Armed Forces and the people who risk their fucking lives to join them should disqualify you immediately from any job other than assistant male zebra fluffer (NTTAWWT). Your own fucking boss served a stint in Hell as a POW, and yet you, you fucking doughy dickbag, have the temerity to even mildly mock, even if it is in some sort of counter intuitive argument way, the good people of the states that FUCKING VOTED FOR YOUR GUY AND SERVE LIKE YOUR BOSS DID? You can't be that stupid, can you? And so fucking what if we hate the media? You spent most of your lives tryting to get into their good graces, and what did they do to you? They abandoned you and Sen. McCain the moment something better came along. And you think we, the Palin supporters, are stupid?

That kind of arrogance is why most of your own party hates you and the clusterfuck that is the Beltway GOP. Oh, and instead of hectoring us, why not offer some alternatives to what you just ripped? Is that too difficult, Fucktard Express? I mean, you call us stupid, yet you offer no concrete examples of what we should do, save ditching Palin.

But I am through for now. Enjoy trying to massage Chris Matthews and his tingly leg in an attempt to be an MSNBC Republican. You two deserve each other.


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