November 03, 2009

Time to send a message

This is an excellent column about how it's long past time to give the GOP establishment thre finger:

“No one’s life is a waste,” a colleague wrote me in reaction to Dede Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the NY-23 congressional election. “You can always serve as a bad example.”

While we can certainly agree with this statement, it is about time we ask, how many bad examples does the Republican establishment need before it learns its lesson?
It goes on to discuss a veritable rogue's gallery of RINOs that the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCC have supported over conservative challengers.

If they don't learn from the Scozzafava debacle (and what are the chances that they will?) we need to hit them where it hurts by denying them money. The article also gives suggestions on how to do that while still supporting conservatives.

(Swiped from Rosetta, who writes, "If you ever find yourself looking at a fundraising letter from the RNC, foolishly thinking about sending them a check, read this and then hit yourself in the head with a brick.")

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