October 12, 2010

This Woman Has No Shame

What. The. Fuck? This is the sort of fucking bullshit that we have had to endure for way too fucking long from the RINOs and "betters" who run the RNC and various groups. Those fucking idiots are the ones who constantly shit on much of their base, then tell those of us who aren't fucking party hacks and mouthpieces that we are bad people if we don't just smile and take it (see Mr. Dede from last year). And when they fucking lose? They are the ones going out of their way to undermine the people who had had enough (see every other fucking RINO who has lost and refuses to endorse the primary winner), going so far as to fucking fly lawyers up to Alaska to help one of their own. And she fucking lectures us on "loyalty"? 

Fuck that shit. Fuck it until it turns squishy from overuse. I am fucking sick and fucking tired of the RINOs and "betters". I am fucking sick and fucking tired of them ignoring us. I am sick and fucking tired of them lecturing us and treating us as though we are stupid children. I am sick and fucking tired of them collaborating with the statists and then telling us we need to vote for them. And I am sick and fucking tired of them thinking they can do whatever the fuck they want and think that their elected office is a birthright, and that they can and should do whatever they can to hold onto it, voters be damned.

No, fuckquacks. You all need to get fucking swept out to the sea along with the lefties you enable. Your loyalty is to your office, while my loyalty is to the voters who fucking decide your fate. And the fact you can't fucking take it will only make your defeat and irrelevance even sweeter.

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