August 21, 2008

This will come back to haunt Pawlenty

Well, if he becomes GOP vice presidential nominee Tim Pawlenty, that is:

I missed this, but Chris Cilizza caught it: After Pawlenty attacked Obama for standing by his opposition to the surge, Bayh responded incredulously: "Tim, you opposed the surge....I read about it in your hometown newspaper." Pawlenty was rocked back on his heels, noting that he had said at the time that he was "skeptical" of the surge.

There have been some people on the right recently noting* that Evan Bayh's nomination would be problematic for Obama, as Bayh voted for the authorization to use force in Iraq.  How much worse would it be for McCain to choose someone who didn't support the surge?

*I know I've seen statements to that effect on more than one blog, but I can't find any of them for the life of me.  If you know what I'm thinking of, feel free to drop it in the comments and I'll add it.

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