August 27, 2010

This whole Ken Mehlman coming out of the closet thing

I keep seeing this comment from Mehlman that he only recently recognized he was gay.  Musta been the last to know then, or he takes the public for fools.  Dude, dude, seriously, everyone knew and knows you're gay.  Seriously, the needle on everyone's Gaydar (unless their Gaydar is in dire need of recalibration) flew past Liberace Gay and broke off at the peg the first time they ever saw you on the Sunday talkers or cable news.  Ken, you're gay, and it's okay.  Nobody believes this, "Dudes, I just totally found out I'm gay" shit, don't lie, just own it!  Be out, be fabulous, have fun, and be an eeeeevil right wing maniac, you are not the only homocon out there.

All said, I'm glad that he got to come out on his own terms and didn't end up being forcibly outed by a vicious and vengeful left.  Mehlman always appeared to me to be a very capable guy for a GOP leader, so you know the left would have loved nothing more than to find concrete proof of his gayness and drag him out of the closet in the most nasty, humiliating way possible.

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