May 14, 2008

nah, they don't get it

Ed at Hotair got to listen in on the NRCC conference call after the loss in Mississippi.  I have to say, I'm not really encouraged by it.  I can't tell if they really get why they aren't getting funds and support and losing elections, or if they're just saying whatever they think will keep conservatives from walking away from the GOP and letting Rome burn.

Okay, I had some tiny glimmer hope that the GOP elite was starting to get it, then I saw this and realized,

The GOP totally doesn't get it.

The money quote, from MSNBC, "He" would be referring to Rep. Tom Cole, who is chair of the NRCC, and held the NRCC conference,

He then spoke of the need to "re-brand" the party in the likeness of McCain, which may be a tall order, since many rank-and-file conservatives have reviled McCain for years for his transgressions against party orthodoxy.

Okay, how pitiful is it that MSNBC of all places has a better understanding of what the problem is than the NRCC?

Let Rome burn.

Slublog piles on.

HA has the MSNBC piece linked in Headlines with a quote from one of our braindead GOPers,

This is the floor.  We're below the floor.

Yeah, and you guys are grabbing shovels.  Worthless.

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