October 23, 2009

The RINOs Can Fuck Off For All I Care

Thanks to Jimmie B, I came across this article over at RedState.

In fact, what the GOP needs right now is leadership. Talk radio and places like RedState are filling a void because the GOP is behaving spectacularly crapulently. Lindsey Graham is collaborating with cap and traders. Pete Sessions and the NRCC are throwing their money down the rat hole that is the Scozzafava campaign. John Cornyn tries to shut out conservative hispanics in favor of squishy, but well tanned governors. The strategy is to be more like the Democrats. It is disappointing.

Yes it is. I am sick of (alleged) goat molesting assfisting RINOs. I am sick of them fucking us over and helping Obama push through his legislation. And I get Hulkamaniac Level Pissed when I read this:

Some Republicans — the reasonable ones — think Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. are not worth listening too. Sweet Lindsey who is snuggling up to the French Looking John Kerry. John McCain who is still bitter conservatives did not fall down and worship him like the Democrats did to Obama. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Also today, Harry Reid claims he has the votes for a public option.

This is all coordinated. Harry Reid does not have the votes. And Obama is now determined to split the GOP. The best way to do that is to play to their vanity — accuse the Republicans of being Rush Limbaugh’s boot lickers. How do they prove otherwise? They vote for the public option and prove they aren’t tools of tea party activists, talk radio guys, and RedState bloggers.

The added benefit here is that Obama distracts from the fact that he cannot hold Democrats together. They can be called “independent” while the GOP, with the Politico’s help, gets cast as trembling slaves afraid of their master.

Yeah. At this point, any RINO that works with Obama to push through his shit are nothing but Democrats in my mind and should be treated as such. And for extra measure, they should fuck themselves with a beehive.


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