November 05, 2009

The Last Thing I Want To Hear Is Advice From Losers

Who the fuck cares what these fucking losers have to say? Seriously, think about it. All these dolphin fuckers can teach me is how to lose a campaign.

This certainly was a much needed shot in the arm for Republicans. And should be a dire warning sign for Democrats … [Yet moving forward] The smart Republicans {sic-ed.}are looking at it and saying ok, we're not dead yet. But we can't assume that the election of these two Republicans means that the voters think we are right and are embracing Republican principles {if you call being assfistingly retarded as a principle-ed}.

Maybe. Maybe not. But you know what? Fuck you up your fist friendly goatse is what. Maybe the voters aren't embracing GOP Principles, unless you believe that being so fucking stupid you'll fuck up a two car funeral as a principle, but they sure the fuck are turning their back on Obamanomics, Corruption, and The Teh Awesomeness Of Captain Awesome And His Statehouse Puppets. And maybe, just maybe, we can use that as a starting point to convince the voters that NoObama is the way to go. And to hear from two losers who helped lead the failed campaigns of "Get Along" Senate Relics on what we need to do from today on is tiresome and probably counterproductive.

Hey, I admit I have no idea what to do next. But maybe, just maybe running as A FUCKING CONSERVATIVE might not be a bad fucking idea. Just a hunch.



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