October 17, 2009

Rinos for sale

Via the Agitator we find some interesting information in the Washington Examiner.
They talk about how proud Obama is of dis-elected Rinos who are in favor of Obama-care. Bill Frist, Bob Dole and some apparatchiks are named.

But what we (that's the royal "we", I mean "I"V) didn't know is
these pro-"reform" Republicans are lobbyists, consultants and directors for the drug companies, hospitals and other health care corporations that stand to profit from Obama's reform.

Color me totally unsurprised.

And that's why we need 100% turnover in Congress. Throw every single one of the bums out. They're all insiders who care more about their prerogatives and perks and stealing my money to buy votes than they do about actually doing what's right for the country.

I almost posted this in the comments of DPUD's post below because it's related, but I figured it was better to focus on the need for 100% turnover of our intellectual, social, moral and political betters in Congress.
Each and every one is an elitist prick with a huge fucking sense of entitlement who thinks I need to shut up, send in my money and vote for any asshole with an (R) after his fucking name.

Get rid of them and let them get their money lobbying for oil ticks instead of stealing mine.
The next batch can't be worse but they will be new to the system so it'll take them a while to figure out how to steal.
Eddie Murphy's character in "The Distinguished Gentleman" was, if anything, not as bad it really is in Washington.

American politicians have forgotten that they work for us, they don't rule us.
I really hope they don't push hard enough to require that we show them what we've showed every other bastard who tried to "rule" us.

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