October 27, 2008

Ridge to McCain: Dude, shoulda totally picked me

He's basically saying he'd have carried PA.  Let me assure you, that's bullshit, and that's not even counting the effect that having a huge number of pro-life people stay home nationally, just like picking Romney would have caused a huge number of pro-2nd people and evangelicals to stay home, and Huck would have caused small government people to stay home.  Lieberman would have made the entire conservative coalition walk. 

No, McCain wouldn't make up the deficit of conservatives with centrists, independents and moderate Democrats, either, besides, moderates, independents and Democrats don't usually volunteer or donate.  Palin was the only choice McCain had, with the possible exception of Cantor, that wouldn't have caused a mass walkout by large numbers of conservatives.

No, I have idea why the hell I'm suddenly compelled to write so many posts tonight...

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