June 27, 2008

Republican Nanny Staters stop attempts to roll back gambling bans

Drew had this yesterday at Moron HQ, but I definitely want to go on record pointing out this kind of Nanny State stupidity as a reminder that the GOP engages in this Nanny State nonsense too.  Republican representatives King, Heller and the rEVOLutionary whacko himself broke ranks and voted for the provision, four Democrats broke ranks and the measure failed in committee, unfortunately.  As Drew also noted, the "for the children" defense was out in force. Spencer Bachus (R-etard),

"The banks have decided that this is a financial burden. We have decided, on the other hand, that our children are worth protecting, and the cost of protecting them is worthy and worthwhile."

There it is, the "for the children" defense, almost every time that phrase is uttered, it is either going to cost you money or liberty, usually heard from Democrats, but we see it way too often from our own side, and I'm getting rather tired of it.

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