August 13, 2008

Random question

I saw this ad at Hotair today,

Questions for the idjits in the Senate GOP:  What the hell makes most of you think you deserve our help?  Also, even if the Dems don't quite make the 60, what difference would it make?  There are always enough RINO and/or Klepto Republicans in the Senate to sell out to the Democrats in the name of capitulation "compromise*" or enough pork money to throw a win to the left anyway, you know, like the Gang of Ten is trying to do now.

So no, if there are Senate candidates to give to, I'll find their campaigns and donate directly.  No way am I going to subsidize efforts by Lindsey Graham and those like him to sell us out, and no way am I going to subsidize efforts by those like Thad Cochran and Ted Stevens to raid the public coffers. 

*And when I say compromise, I don't mean real compromise, either giving a few feet to them so we can take a mile then or later, or brokering a "you do your thing, we do ours, never shall the paths meet" thing.  Compromise isn't necessarily a dirty word in itself. 

However, the GOP elite version of compromise has a different meaning altogether.  Compromise in the GOP elite world is defined as a willingness to let the left and Democrats win, but to delay it long enough or sell out in a way that they don't have to live to see the consequences of their selling out, Senate firewall my ass.

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