January 13, 2010

Please don't cave, GOProud!

Liberty University withdraws its support of CPAC over GOProud's sponsorship of CPAC.  GOProud is a gay conservative group founded in reaction to the rampant RINOism and active selling out by the Log Cabin Republicans.  I've seen nothing that indicates that GOProud has been anything but a conservative organization.  I say if Liberty and other social conservative groups want to be this disrespectful to a conservative organization, fuck 'em.  I don't have any patience for this sort of ignorant stupidity, not when the Democrats are attempting the kind of authoritarian takeovers that they are.

I hope GOProud doesn't fold, and maintains their sponsorship of CPAC, the behavior of the groups withdrawing is pathetic, and I question the usefulness of allies that are willing to withdraw over something so minor.

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