October 20, 2009

Once Again, The GOP Leadership Proves How Foolish They Are

Latest funding information on the NY 23 Special Election:

The Club {For Growth} has already spent more than $300,000 on the race {For Doug Hoffman, Conservative Dude of Awesomeness}, so this brings its investment to more than $600,000 total. 

By comparison, the NRCC has spent $567,000 on {Dipshit RINO Dede}Scozzafava's behalf, and the DCCC has spent $387,000 on {Some Democrat Guy Named}Owens's behalf.

Also in recent days, SEIU has gone up with a $100,000 radio ad buy for Owens -- its first investment in the race.

Ok, so it looks as though the RNC is set to prop up a RINO (who runs from the Weekly Standard)against a Conservative. Already, that's bad, but expected. I mean, gotta push the "electable" candidate, right?

But wait, it gets worse. WHere will Newt Gingrich, the leader of the 1994 Revolution, cast his lot? Why, with the RINO, of course.

Sigh. A solid victory for conservatism in the face of Obama and the RINOs in an environment that is conducive to the anti Obama crowd to make serious and substantive gains, and the GOP fucks it up? Well...
Fuck you GOP Leadership. Fuck you with a blowtorch amped up to "hurty" strength. You want to fuck up a golden opportunity to win by siding with a RINO who will probably stiff you at the first opportunity? After all of the attention the Tea Parties and other protests generated by people outside of your clusterfuck of an organization have generated? Are you that fucking stupid, or are you just so blithely arrogant as to believe the anal reasonings that emanate from Chris Matthews and David Gergen that RINOism is the path back to victory?

What, do you think we'll keep coming back to you with more money and volunteer hours after giving those of us out there who hate the path you are leading the GOP the Jailhouse Girlfriend treatment yet again? Do you think we'll keep saying, "well, (s)he is the more electable person" after you pour another funnel of liquid electoral shit down our throats and tell us it is ambrosia? My response:

FUCK. YOU! Seriously, FUCK. YOU!

2010 could be a very good year for anti-Obama voters, and we need to get as many true conservatives out there, not more people who just want to suck the Beltway Dong of Goodness, and you want to fuck it up. In that case fuck off, and see what awaits you when you piss off your base yet again.

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