November 11, 2009

NY-23 dodged a bullet

Yeah, even though they elected the Dem, they avoided putting Dede in office...

The conservative movement's third-party candidate, Doug Hoffman, expected her support but, she said, the newcomer accountant "had no integrity." Plus, the Democrats were so nice! They called. They sympathized. They made her feel good about tossing her support to Bill Owens, who -- with her help -- became the area's first Democratic representative in more than a century.

"Oh, someone left chocolates for me!" she said, picking up a present from her aunt and uncle. Her GOP family has been less supportive. And she warns that what happened to her will happen to candidates like her.

Oh, that's nice. Someone was nice to her. They sent her some fucking chocolates. $900,000 worth of chocolates. Yeah.

I would say more about this, but there's a chance that I might still have a fucking job when I awaken from this motherfucking rage-induced fugue state that I'm currently in.

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