May 17, 2009

McCain's poodle barks angrily at South Carolina's conservative activists

Via Vinty on Twitter, here he is arguing the UK Tory strategy, which is a proven failure,

“You’re a hypocrite!,” one man in the audience yelled.

“I’m a winner, pal,” Graham responded. Moments later, after saying he wants to the party to reach out to independent voters, he said: “Winning matters to me. If it doesn’t matter to you, there’s the exit sign.”

I'm not gonna drink the ZOMG WE MUST MODERATE NAO!!!1!1eleventy!1 Kool-Aid, because it isn't true, if it was, McCain would have wiped the floor with Obama.  Joe sent me this article a few days ago, it does a good job debunking the Tory strategy. I couldn't come up with a place for it until I saw this story about McCain's poodle today.  Check it out, it's a good article.

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