June 13, 2008

McCain may want to rethink this amnesty nonsense

From Hotair, a poll from Rasmussen shows that one third of voters are angry about the illegal immigration situation.  Another 27% say they are frustrated by the lack of action from DC.  Of the third of those angry voters 83% are angry with the government, and only 12% are angry at illegals themselves.  Voters overall think securing the border should take priority over resolving the status of illegals 63% to 28%. 

Here's where it gets interesting, Republicans and unaffiliated voters are slightly more likely to favor welcoming immigrants who don't pose security threats, aren't criminals, and aren't seeking to exploit US entitlements than Democrats!  Where a big source of the anger is coming from is that voters (correctly) believe the government discourages assimilation.  In large part the anger is a product of the American people's desire to protect our culture, and our government's refusal to do anything to achieve that end. 

McCain better hope an Amnesty fight doesn't break out this year, and he better pray his little toadie Lindsey "we'll make the bigots shut up!" Graham keeps his piehole shut.  He'd also be wise to kick Juan "Mexico First!" Hernandez off the Straight Talk Express, pronto. 

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