January 21, 2009

Looks like John Ensign got into McCain's Metamucil

The Senator has a fevuh, and the only prescription is more Hopenchangetm:

“It’s really not a time to be obstructionist,” Ensign, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, said on Fox News. “It’s a time where we as a party need to try to work with especially President Obama and try to solve some of the country’s problems.”


The Republican senator, who praised Obama for having some “really good ideas” coming into office, said given the myriad of challenges facing the nation, it is time to “put the country before our party.”

The sad part is that they probably will be more helpful to President Obama than the Democrats in the Senate.  With few exceptions, Republican Senators are squishes who either lack or have severely misplaced principles.  Democrats, however, will (maybe) spend a good deal of time criticizing Dear Leader whenever he veers to the right of Lenin.  Depressing.

Oh, and just to remind everyone, Sen. Ensign was the head of the NRSC the last election cycle.  I wonder why we lost so many seats?

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