July 29, 2008

It's not a truck, it's a series of indictments

Senator Ted Stevens may be about to see a new series of tubes, mostly heavy vertical ones made of steel, and, uh, hopefully not any attached to other prisoners.  He's being indicted for not disclosing thousands of dollars of work a company did on his home.  VECO Corporation is a oil contractor that gave Sen. Stevens $250K in gifts, mostly in the form of home improvements.  Stevens will be allowed to turn himself in, oh, so sorry Nutroots, no frogmarch for you! 


Of course, this signals the importance of finding good conservative candidates, like what Vintage is doing at Down the Ticket, and the need to have replacements waiting in the wings.  There's no need for corrupt people like Ted Stevens and Don Young (who is facing similar accusations and may also face charges) to be in office. 

Thankfully, Sean Parnell is running for Young's seat, but to my knowledge there is no conservative running for the seat Stevens occupies, and it may have just become a mulligan for the Democrats.  There's no need for that to happen. 

Update: Here might be something, Cranky at Six Meat Buffet has a possible alternative, I haven't had the chance to check this guy out, but let us know in comments what you find. 

The conservative movement needs to become better at seeking out and supporting conservative candidates and looking for potential talents to replace RINOs in conservative districts and to promote potential replacements for corrupt politicians like Ted Stevens.  This is why efforts like The Next Right and Down the Ticket are important to promote and support.

Oh, and good riddance Ted, you corrupt tool!  Pretty much how I'm feeling about all this here.

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