March 24, 2009

Is there a reason this is being touted as A Good Thing?

Ed says, regarding the funds raised in February by the RNC,

Is $5.1 million a good number on its own?  I’d say yes, for a party that just lost a national election and faces off against a popular (for now) Democratic President.  It’s doubly impressive considering the fact that the RNC didn’t have much of a senior staff; Steele canned most of them, and has only now begun replacing them, including the person in charge of fundraising.

$5 million is not a good number, I don't care how you spin it.  Yeah, they beat the Democrats in fundraising, big deal, what does it say about people's faith in the GOP that they'd only give them $5 million as the Marxists in power nationalize everyfuckingthing?  The fact that everyone who isn't a liberal drone hasn't emptied their wallet into a big box with a little red, white and blue elephant tacked onto the side of it should be telling.  People won't donate to the RNC because they know it's a money sink, they've lost all faith in the party, and with damn good reason. 

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