July 07, 2009

I would like to thank Michael Steele

...for keeping the media's tongue-wagging the name of Governor Sarah Palin - CONSERVATIVE! Anyone making comments, positive or negative, are keeping her name alive and well. Free publicity is still publicity, even when it borders on the Biden gaffe-tastic. Keep up the good work, y'all.

Steele should pray hard that Palin will lend her name to GOP fundraisers and candidates. Speaking of which, it looks like some Republicans are hoping she will do just that.

UPDATE: Way to tell 'em, Governor!

“We have so many people who offer advice, but I’m going to continue to be, whether some of ‘em like it or not, pretty darn independent, and not get wrapped up into a strong political machine that hasn’t been extremely successful in some ways,” she said on Fox News Channel. "I want to work, right now, for people who are going to work in office or out of office for the right things. Those principles that built up America, those who are inspired by the values of America, and will not deride or apologize for the values we hold as Americans. I’m gonna work for those people.”
I can only imagine the number of blue-blood Republican elitists, whose jaws dropped when Palin just told them essentially that they have abandoned the party platform by their words and deeds. And that they should just sit down and shut up.

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