July 20, 2010

I almost forgot why I hate Mike Huckabee

Oh wait. No. I didn't forget. It's because of crap like this:

Yeah, that's a Sestak ad.

(Oh - McCain, Grahamnesty? I see what you did there.)

While I have occasionally found the Club's tactics and strategic sense wanting, its philosophy is pretty much right on. The Club is not for "the ultra rich". The Club is for free enterprise, which is distinct from saying it is "for business" or "big business" or "the rich", which might more aptly describe other groups like the pro-Obama-Stimulus Chamber of Commerce.

Small businesses often get screwed by the "pro business" lobby because the business lobby too often cares about building a government funded moat around their businesses and leeching off the system. Small Biz can't pull that off like Big Biz can. The best Small Biz can realistically hope for is a level playing field. The Club is for All Biz, not just big or small biz.

The Club for Growth was against the bailouts and the stimulus. Joe Sestak was for them. Who's really for "the rich"?

(via PA2010)

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