September 01, 2010

How Many More Examples Does The RNC Need?

Seriously, RNC/NRSC/GOP Insiders, after yet another defeat of one of your RINO, deal making, get along fucksticks, will you ever get the message? Will you ever fucking realize that the base of your party and those who oppose Obamanomics will not support you if you keep supporting and forcing upon us people such as the latest soon to be ex-Senator (along with ex-Senators Specter and Bennett and -thankfully- never became Senator Crist and never became Governor KBH).

Just keep it up, you fucking arrogant jerks. Just fucking keep telling us we are stupid for standing up for ourselves and saying "No more". Just fucking keep trying to meddle in primaries and nominating processes. Just fucking keep telling us that you know better than us. And just fucking keep trying to stab us in the face with one hand and have the other hand out for money. Just keep it up, because my answer will be:

Fuck you. That's right. Vanfuck you so hard on a dirty mattress in the alley with Freedomlover K. Fuckabout's fuckmuscle that you'll wish you were a $2 whore needing to get her nightly take back to her pimp instead of the shit you'll have to endure from us.

You really think that in these times we are going to put up with deal makers and backstabbers? Do you really think that we are going to put up with you lecturing us? Do youy really think that we are going to fall for that whole "electability" bullshit, especially in deep red states such as Utah and Alaska? And do you really, really fucking think that we are going to put aside old wounds just because you think we'll fall for your "I can change" bullfuck once again?

No. No. Doublemegafuckno. You hurt us one too many times. You treated us worse than your bedsheets after a night of playing "pass the basket" with a lobbyist's wife. And we have had enough. We will not fucking take it anymore. We will not allow you to fuck us over anymore.We will not allow you to play handmaiden to the demise of our children's future because you think supporting people who will work with, rather than against, creeping statism (and the destruction it unleashes) is better than having some "rubes" in office who *gasp* actually care about the future more than their own lobbying circlejerk. And we will take over who we elect to lead us, for it is our fucking right to do so.

You have been warned, Beltway GOP. Listen to us, or be replaced. The Train is coming around the bend. The Fucktrain for our Future. And either get onboard, or get flattened worse than a pack of goatses.

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