August 05, 2008

Gov. Schwarzenegger's new brand of fiscal discipline

Not surprising at all.  When one of my friends last year found out I was supporting Rudy Giuliani, he said, "The thing about fiscal conservatism is that nearly everyone who runs on that platform abandons it eventually, and then you're left with someone who has few, if any conservative positions."  Well, Arnold proves this statement true every time he opens his mouth:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed a temporary one-cent increase in the state sales tax for the next three years in exchange for long-term fixes he believes would solve the state's perennial budget woes, several sources familiar with the negotiations said Monday.

The governor's proposal comes as he and lawmakers are 35 days into the fiscal year with no approved spending plan.

Schwarzenegger has said he opposes tax increases, but was willing to consider all options to close an estimated $15.2 billion shortfall in the $101 billion general fund.

Boy, it's a good thing California Republicans chose Arnold instead of Tom McClintock in 2003, otherwise a liberal might have won the recall election.

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