August 11, 2010


Just Fuck.

Unfortunately, these numbers wouldn't have been much better, if at all, with McInnis.  I don't think.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he could have turned the plagiarism thing around.  I'll say this - the people conducting the whisper campaign after the plagiarism story broke did more of a disservice to him than I think they realize, if anything they were more convincing that he didn't deserve the job.  "That's just what congressmen do" doesn't float, especially this election cycle.

7% of the returned GOP ballots left the gubernatorial selection blank.  I'd be willing to be a good chunk of those were people who would have voted for McInnis but couldn't stomach it, and couldn't stomach voting for Maes either. 

Tom Tancredo learned nothing from NY-23, and the Colorado GOP has learned nothing from the Tea Parties - they're already trying to find someone else to run in place of Maes.  If the local party officials stood by the 11th Commandment as much as they screamed about it when their personal candidates were being exposed for corruption, they'd be backing Maes a hundred percent; instead, they're stabbing him in the back before his campaign even gets started.

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