March 09, 2009

For all that anyone cares

Here are my thoughts, such as they are, on the Rush v. everyone mess.  I will admit that my reaction to all of this is far more visceral than intellectual.  In much of the commentary and the various posts about this, the onus appears to be on Rush, and by extension his supporters, to sit back and take it.  There is an interesting debate to be had about framing and the use of language and the like.  I will defer to Jeff G. on that topic.  What bothers me is that there are those acting as if Rush is simply reacting to the wind.  For example, the latest dust up was presented as Rush attacking Newt for no reason.  I had to dig to determine that Newt clearly implied that Rush was irrational.  Yeah.  I know that when I'm called irrational (even when I totally deserve it) I react with calm and grace. 

I am deeply troubled by the fact that the emphasis is being placed on Rush's reactions, and by extension, those of his supporters, to the various insults being hurled without any obvious appreciation that the reaction is coming from things others have said.  Make no mistake about it, being called inflammatory and ugly is insulting.  Being called irrational is insulting.  Yet when a response is made to that provocation, somehow that response is what's wrong. 

This has been something that has bothered me my entire life.  When people ask me questions or make statements that I find insulting, I am supposed to simply smile and suck it up.  When I respond to that provocation, somehow I am at fault.  I reject that concept utterly.  When pushed, I will push back.  I am not responsible for starting the fight.  I am not responsible for escalating it.  What I am doing is calling people out on *their* improper behavior.  To then turn around and blame me for having the temerity to stand up and say "no, no, you will not speak to me like that" is cowardice.  It's an attempt to get away with being insulting without being held accountable for the words.  

That is the tone of much of what I am seeing.  Somehow, for some reason, those of us who refuse to take being called inflammatory, ugly and irrational are the ones in the wrong.  I'm sorry, but the refusal to grasp that possibly, just possibly, the comments hurled at Rush et al are offensive rather vitiates any credibility on the part of the person who is attempting to lecture me on the proper use of language and the need for moderate tones and whatnot.  There are only certain things for which I will lie back and think of England.  The RNC leadership is not on that list.

The two sides are not going to see eye to eye on this.  Ever.  It's beyond the point of diminishing returns to discuss it and well into simply slinging mud in an attempt to have the Final Word.  Look, I appreciate the need to have the Final Word as I am a.  female, b. a lawyer and c. a female lawyer.  Honestly, it's difficult to come up with a combination more insistent on having the final say.  I think all sides would do well to step back, accept that this is no longer a productive use of time and to direct the fury onto a more appropriate target.  No, I'm not saying why can't well all just get along.  I am merely suggesting that supporting the other side's right to be horrifically wrong may be what's needed at this juncture.

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