November 04, 2009

Don't do it, Sarah!

RINO's RINO Mark Kirk has asked Sarah Palin to endorse him for his Senate run.  I hope she takes the time to learn what Mark Kirk is about before she makes her decision.  I'm not a fan of Mark Kirk, as I think I've stated in the past.  Most people know of him because of his support of cap-and-trade, but he was bad news even before then.  Bad news you say, what sort of bad news?


For starters, the guy isn't just vaguely pro-choice like a few GOPers, the guy is rabidly pro-abortion, he's got a 100% rating from the ghouls of NARAL and similar high ratings from Planned Parenthood.

On top of that, he's also a gun-grabber, and has a D rating from the NRA. I remember reading that he was endorsed by the Brady Fascists at one point, so there's another thing.  (Actually, I'm seeing elsewhere he now has an F, but I don't have anything solid, if anyone wants to confirm this, that'd be great)

On energy, Kirk voted to allow more refineries, but of course knocked down any efforts to actually tap for more oil and gas, voting to bar drilling in ANWR and offshore.

If Palin does her homework and finds out what Mark Kirk's record is, in particular his ghoulish zeal for abortion, my guess is she won't endorse him.  There's being pro-choice, and then there's being 100% rated by NARAL.  If Palin is anything, she's pro-life, so I don't think this'll fly.  Palin's an active hunter, so my guess is a D-rating from the NRA isn't going to endear him to her either.  Then of course, Kirk and those who rejected drilling in ANWR probably denied billions of dollars in revenues to her home state.  Let's not forget that Todd Palin worked in oil extraction operations in Alaska up until very recently. 

No friggin' way would Palin support this guy if she takes the time to read up on him.

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