December 27, 2008

Crushed Chip

Chip Saltsman is a fool, no doubt, anyone who would work for the Huckabee campaign is almost guaranteed to be one.  Saltsman and Katon Dawson both seem to be incapable of taking a slightly different path when a huge steaming pile sits in front of them.  If you remember, Katon Dawson is another one of the idgit brigade running for the RNC Chair, why yes, Dawson was the guy who was part of a country club that doesn't allow minorities to join

If you haven't heard some liberal twat reporter glowingly reporting this one, there's a big big clusterfuck developing around Chip Saltsman and his decision to include a copy of Paul Shanklin's "Barack, the Magic Negro" on a mixtape (CD, whatever) he was handing out for the holidays.  Saltsman of course should know better than to give the left such an easy, stupid thing to demagogue him on, so really, if the GOP wants to their current track record of unthinking, unsavvy numbskulls at the top, Saltsman and Dawson are the way to go. 

On the flipside, we see the equally cluelless sanctimony from the Greater Than Thou wing of the GOP as well,

First played on Rush Limbaugh’s popular, though often taboo, radio show, the 41-track CD, entitled “We Hate the USA,” featured the racially-charged song “Barack the Magic Negro.” After all, nothing says “Christmas” like racial insensitivity…

Defending the ill-conceived Christmas goodie bag as a good humored joke, Saltsman told The Hill: “Paul Shanklin is a long-time friend, and I think that RNC members have the good humor and good sense to recognize that his songs for the Rush Limbaugh show are light-hearted political parodies.” 

HA HA, get it, “negro” is a funny word.

HA HA, gotta love it when "our side" attacks us as dishonestly as the left does.  For those unfamiliar, Shanklin's song is based on this article in the LA Times by film reviewer/columnist and David Ehrenstein, Ehrenstein isn't some right wing nut either, he's had a long career writing for various liberal magazines and papers.  Ehrenstein's article is a commentary on liberals who were projecting the image of the Magic Negro character onto Barack Obama. 

Shanklin simply took the article and made it into a tune.  So to just pretend it's just some hillbilly going, "Durrr-hurrr, magic negro, hurrrr!" with a finger in his nose is dishonest, but hey, nothing better than a pat on the head from your liberal betters, eh?  Keep up the good work and you'll soon be writing for the Gay Gossip Site and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Newsletter, The Atlantic.

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