July 09, 2010

Bob Inglis and his ilk can get bent

I'll preface this rant by saying that yes, sometimes the Tea Partiers say silly things, and yes, sometimes they don't know what's good for them. That said...

Bob Inglis is the very definition of the problem with the Republican party. He's denouncing racist Tea Partiers, Palin, Beck for a whole host of sins, including "demagoguery", and blaming them for his pathetic failure in the Republican primary.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Daily Caller reports:

He cited a claim made famous by Palin that the Democratic health care bill would create “death panels” to decide whether elderly or sick people should get care.

“There were no death panels in the bill … and to encourage that kind of fear is just the lowest form of political leadership. It’s not leadership. It’s demagoguery,” said Inglis, one of three Republican incumbents who have lost their seats in Congress to primary and state party convention challengers this year.

Bob, the whole damn Obamacare mess is a giant death panel. Care will be rationed, and people will be denied care as a result. That's an undeniable truth. Is "death panel" great persuasive language for swing voters? No. But at it's core, it's essentially true.

Here's what really gets my dander up:

Inglis said he was shocked during the health care votes as he watched protesters jeering Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who was beaten as a leading civil rights activist in the 1960s.

Inglis said he was too far away during the jeering incident to hear whether the protesters shouted racial epithets, as Lewis and other black lawmakers have claimed. But Inglis said the behavior was threatening and abusive.

“I caught him at the door and said, ‘John, I guess you’ve been here before,’” Inglis said

No, Bob. It didn't happen. That entire event was a fabrication. Countless cell phone videos showed nothing of the sort, and nobody has stepped up to claim Andrew Breitbart's sizable bounty.

Inglis, 50, who calls himself a Jack Kemp disciple because he has emphasized outreach to minorities as the late Republican congressman did, thinks racism is a part of the vitriol directed at President Barack Obama.

“I love the South. I’m a Southerner. But I can feel it,” he said.

Go to hell, Bob.

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