June 11, 2009

40% of Republicans not happy with GOP

I'd like to see a breakdown of that, moderate vs conservative.  In any case, it shows what a bunch of incompetent fucksticks the GOP leadership is composed of, they ought to be poised to destroy the Democrats in 2010, and they're already behind in the VA governor's race. 

I think if the GOP leadership can't get their shit together by 2010 or 2012, there's either going to be a major purging of the current GOP leadership, or a significant third party will emerge in response in a way that will rattle the DC establishment in a profound manner. 

Conservatives as a general rule don't want their lives to revolve around government and politics, so it isn't an environment that we're comfortable being in.  All that said, conservatives are beginning to feel cornered and overwhelmed, and will soon see no other alternative but to get fully involved in politics, as campaign workers, as operatives, as strategists, as activists, as candidates.  Conservatives aren't going to be happy about it, either.

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