September 21, 2010

Your papers please

In Florida, this park service cop demands papers, we see that, the reporter said he says you need to have a press pass to film a public park.
We also see him and some other official looking dude claim it's illegal to dig in the sand.

So it's illegal to film and dig. I'm gonna have to destroy my family vacation videos, there are crimes galore in there what with the digging and the filming and the GLAVIN!

There's so much wrong in that video.
We also see that BP can only dig down 6 inches for oil and there is oil below 6 inches. The guy seemed to just pick a random spot and he found oil before Il douche and Il deuce show up.
Okay, that law doesn't make any sense at all. What's so magical about 6 inches? Some bureaucrat pulled it out of his ass to show he could seems to be the best explanation.

100% turnover in ever race in every jurisdiction. We need to totally clean house so low level tools like this will think twice before being petty, thuggish, tyrants.
Personally I think they both should lose their jobs and face prosecution.
Unless they were so ordered, then they should only face prosecution but whoever told them to do it loses their job(s) and faces prosecution.

Via Robb at Say Anything (he really will say anything, it's the truth).
Hmmm, I see he's now "Rob" at Say Anything, I never noticed a change. Am I misremembering him being Robb? Maybe he made an announcement and nobody told me.

Random musings on blog stuff below the fold, ignore it, you won't miss anything.
I put this in Notes on the Revolution, I changed that from Funniest End of Civilization Ever where I had it at first.

Not sure where it belongs, it's definitely revolting, but it's also hilariously endy that these tools say it's illegal to dig and film on the beach, the two biggest non-swimming activities performed by Americans at the beach.

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