September 21, 2010


So Jesse Walker at Reason appears to be having a sort of "conversation" with Andrew Sullivan.
Eh, that's not the interesting part, or even an interesting part, the interesting part is his take on the Tea Party and tea partiers.
The issue isn't whether "the" Tea Party will do those things. The Tea Party isn't an actual party; it's an extremely decentralized movement with room for several different points of view. It is not libertarian in itself, but it has opened a space for libertarian ideas;

Exactly. There are all manner of different people trying to be "Tea Party Leaders" and all manner of people trying to make others into Tea Party Leaders, but there aren't any.
There are only tea partiers. In different places they're doing different things.
It's not a coalition or a grouping in anything except that people are pissed off at the gov't.
Politicians are supposed to at least pretend to kiss our asses and only hate America secretly and not screw us too hard and we ignore them because Snookie is going to the gynecologist/plastic surgeon.

So all over the country people just got fed up and got sick of people telling them to "quit whining and do something". They want the gov't to not do as much as it's doing. There's no real consensus on where to draw the line, but there is an angry consensus that that line has not only been crossed but they pissed on it as they tramped on by.
He goes on
I'm more interested in building movements that can pressure elected officials who don't agree with me than I am in electing officials who do agree with me.

I don't agree with myself all the time, how could I agree with someone else even close to all the time?
I vastly prefer to vote "against" than "for", you have a much greater chance of being correct.
I wasn't so much in favor of O'Donnell as I was really against Castle.

I could note that this guy appears to be trying to be a Tea Party Leader even as he says there really aren't any, but that would just be being a jerk for its own sake and I'm above that.

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