October 11, 2010

Goldberg's Law

The first time I saw this law was in a Jonah Goldberg article years ago (back when he still talked to his couch and was funny), but I don't know if he coined it or just noticed it.
any organization that is not specifically conservative will eventually become a leftist organization

So what brings this up?

The national VFW PAC is endorsing all kinds of slimy, anti-military Dems over pro-troop GOPers and in some instance they're actually supporting a Dem over a vet.
Most egregiously they're actually supporting some tool over LTC (r) Allen West, that's right, they're endorsing some slimy corrputocrat over a bona fide hero of a foreign war. Read the comments, they're not amused.

And the Milblogs ain't laughing (even Laughing Wolf, and he laughs at everything, it's right there in his name).
At least at Blackfive they're saying burn your VFW cards and join the French Foreig.... errr... the American Legion to pressure the VFW to change their PAC leadership now instead of allowing them to spend donations to defeat veterans running for office and promising to do something next August at their annual meeting.

It's not really my business (they don't allow one-eyes in the military), but I know a bunch of vets look at the pics on this blog, some might even occasionally read it and a few comment so I figured I'd link just in case those vets don't also read This Ain't Hell or Blackfive.

Eh, maybe they should just shut up and let their betters tell them who to vote for, just like those stupid tea partiers who've energized the "base" like nobody since Ronnie Raygun and yet keep being all unhelpful.

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