December 30, 2008

a faint light shining in the dark

According to this article in the International Herald Tribune, the Dutch Labor Party is calling for an end to the multicultural view of tolerance.  Labor in the Netherlands is fairly Left so this is a pretty big deal.  Of course, I'll believe it more when Ayaan Hirsi Ali can return home, but at least it's a start.

The most interesting line in the article to me is this from Lilianne Ploumen, the spokeswoman for Labor.  "For Ploumen, talking to the local media, "The street is mine, too. I don't want to walk away if they're standing in my path."

I've been hoping that women, in particular, will get sick of being told that they have to tolerate and understand the misogynistic idiots who thrown up religion as some type of excuse for their actions.  It seems like it may be starting.

Do I believe this will go anywhere?  I hate to say it, but history is on the side of no.  But at least it's a start.  I will admit that I share Mark Steyn's opinion that there's an upcoming clash of civilizations in Europe and that most European countries will revert to form to deal with it.  But it would be nice if that weren't the case.

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