May 30, 2008

More on the Yemeni journalist.  Question, when is the State Department going to say something?

Bad idea for Rachael Ray.  I have a good idea for Rachael Ray, STFU and GTFO!  Cancel her show and show reruns of Good Eats.

Told you McClellan was just a chump.  He isn't worth getting annoyed about.


When history dorks attackZarvin?  Who the hell names their kid Zarvin?



The latest from Wack Jack Thompson, this time we get to see the list of witnesses he wants called, including the head of Take Two Interactive, the makers of the GTA series, Governor Jeb Bush and some local shock jock.

More about screwy Fr. Pfleger.

Al Gore Sr.'s cattle drive.

"Recount" tanks.

Oh, that sucks...well, I guess it doesn't now.

More leftist antisemitism.

Operation Drill Bit.

Nigel thinks he has a future recruit for the Moronosphere.  Be sure to say a little prayer for the kid.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sets up a donation fund after the governor cuts his funds for his illegal immigration enforcement program.

This anti-cluster bomb thing is such a stupid charade.  I guarantee that if the US and Israel signed on and nations like Russia and China didn't, we'd never hear another word about the cluster bombs.  We know what the game is here.

I pretty much think this is what we're dealing with in Iran.

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May 29, 2008

PSA on the Blogrolling, I'm still looking for an alternate for Wordpress because the script I gave you won't work.  Or, if someone has found a workaround to make Wordpress take the Blogrolling roll, do let us know how. 

An update on Stash's adoption adventures.  Let's hope this goes well.

The latest on Wack Jack Thompson.

Garrison Keillor decides to stir a little Andy Rooney-style old man griping about things he doesn't like or care for into his normal liberal-tinged dull, faux whimsy bullshit he puts forth.  His target?  The Rolling Thunder Rally.  What a tool.


Indeed, British society is going backward in a frightening way, and has for a while, I linked a story in links yesterday where British "academics" tried to bar Jews who support Israel from working in universities.  Earlier, I linked a story in links that pretty much describes segregation

Interesting documentary.

It'll be interesting to see how McClellan's book gets used by historians.  I think hope that historians give proper consideration to McClellan's interests in trashing the Bush administration.  I think the guy had no real future, was clearly incompetent as the White House spokesman (seriously, compare him to Tony Snow, or hell, even Ari Fleischer), and decided to cash in on the cottage industry built around trashing Bush. 

And on a similar note, Geoff asks a very good question to those angry by McClellan's betrayal, are you really mad at him, or are you or should you be mad at Bush?  I'm not at all angered by McClellan, because as I state above, I think from his perspective, he was going nowhere careerwise, and decided to cash in by trashing Bush.  And I agree with Geoff, it is ultimately Bush's fault, he is really bad when it comes to choosing staff, and this is just the latest confirmation of that fact.  Slublog's take on McClellan.

That Afghan dirtbag who killed his sister in an "honor killing," may have also drugged another Afghan woman, raped her and then bragged about it online.

This kinda works, the problem is that when I was a young kid, I played with Apple II and IIe, and played with games like Oregon Trail, but my intarwebs experience starts in the late Netscape/Myst era.  So does that make me the early era or the latter? 


Yeah, sorry McCain, the base isn't going to get energized when you remain hellbent on kicking sand in their facesAbout right.

More GOP incompetence.

They really don't want to see us increase our fuel supplies

More peaceful antiwar protesters...b-b-b-b-but, I thought they wanted the troops to be home, and love the troops but hate the war!!!1!1

This practice is less about anti-police bias, and more about ignorance and a jaded view of firearms amongst reporters, enhanced by their own leftist viewpoints and ignorance.  We all know the saying that exists in the field of journalism, "if it bleeds it leads," its true, and its unsurprising that they hate guns and weapons, much of their reporting is about violence.  It has to skew your worldview and make you think that every there are OK Corral shootouts breaking out all over the place.

Stupid Amnesty International...

Yeah, I really want the government running everything.


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May 28, 2008

First, a Moronosphere PSA, Conservative Belle is handing off the blogroll to me, so we had to create a new Moronosphere blogroll.  You can still use the old code, but it probably ain't gonna update anymore.  Anyway, here be the new blogroll code, you can clicky and it should display, no it isn't goatse, you spaz, click the damned thing.

Second, I'm updating the site, which means I'll have to do some tweaking...

New movies suck.

McClellan was a sniveling tool with no future, a terrible White House spokesman, what else was he going to do but cash in on the cottage industry built around trashing Bush?

Check out Sockless Joe's post at The Next Right.  I also believe Ruwe is writing there too, I think I saw his name and this post in the recent updates.

Oh, great, black zombies, time for N'gai Croal to cry racism, right?

Welcome home!


Fun with "As seen on TV" products.

McCain or Obama, we're not sure which yet, "Bend over, America!Somewhat related.

I'm almost inclined to say this is disrespectful to gays who were persecuted or killed by the Nazis.  I would think you would want to create something a little more solemn for a memorial.

I've seen a few versions of this, they're all pretty horrifying.

Bunch of stupid hippie luddites.  Hey MP, you ought to take the muffler off your UHaul to pick up their slack.

I linked this a few days ago, and I still haven't taken it...lotta 95%.

I totally use some of my email accounts as storage.

Interesting.  The Mormons like doing their genealogy thing, and they've created a SETI at Home/Folding at Home type system to convert scanned images into type. 

Moonbat wants to arrest John Bolton's 'stashe

Wait, they aren't blaming Global WarmingTM for this?

Sully deconstructed.

Of course, it is the Soviet of Philly after all, and besides, their answer to rampant crime is to try and pass gun bans that will be struck down by the courts because it is in direct violation of PA constitutional gun law.

Neat concept.

Pretty much, not that we don't have a lot of people like that in the US too, but the Brits have it worse.  Okay, we joke about the Brit descent into Nanny Fascist madness, but they're moving into real deal fascism, at least in academia.  What, are you "academics" going to make them wear patches next?

DIY drilling.


Heh, I like this Klaus guy.

Wow, I can't believe the Chinese accepted recovery help from Japan.

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May 24, 2008

Nice Deb celebrates her first year of moronbloggin'

Today the Phoenix spacecraft is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars, Peel has some information about it and some of the other spacecraft we've sent there, and McGoo has the NASA schedule link and where they'll be doing video coverage, some smut, some other random stuff and a picture of the Russian dildocopter.

I generally agree with this, focusing only or too heavily on microtrends is a bad idea, you still need a good narrative, a good philosophy, and a good candidate.  Exploiting microtrends can win you elections, but that is a tactic, not a strategery.  You can win with superior tactics sometimes, but it won't win against someone with a solid strategery.

I'm not sure of what I think of McCain's VP selection committee head.

Obama will definitely be be Jimmah Carter 2.0, while McCain seems hellbent on doing whatever he can to piss off conservatives and lose.


Your tax dollars at work.

It's not lupus racism.


I'd say it smells like FAIL...EPIC FAIL

I bet it they found a necklace made with human teeth in it.

Stash has a book suggestion.

Why don't the Brits just wrap their entire country in bubble wrap and be done with it?

Jonn spent part of his Memorial Day weekend with a group of FReepers who go to Walter Reed to welcome wounded vets every week.

More caption-y goodness at VtheK's.

Yeah, I don't like where this is going.

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May 23, 2008

Something I forgot I was going to do, but I'm doing it now.  If anyone knows of good solid conservative candidates running for the House, Senate or maybe even governor or state House and Senate, drop a line in comments. 

And another thing,'s spam filter tends to be overzealous with certain things, and spammers from Wordpress seem to be one of them.  It decides to ban all Wordpress sites now and then because of one or two spambots with Wordpress addys, Pixy will fix it in a bit, but until then, you'll have to leave the URL box blank when you comment.  But do put your URL in your comment.  Never mind, must have been a hiccup.

More caption-y goodness at VtheK's, and CB gets a special feature.

More Caption fun,

Blue Shirt:  Walk like an EgyptiAAAACK!

Red Shirt:  Shut! The Fuck! Up!  You've been singing that stupid song and dancing around for hours now!

Even more caption fun,

"No, my friend, I will be the one to destroy the conservative movement, but it has been a good effort on your part, for that, I give you credit."

I've really been to wondering if that has been Maverick's game plan all along, because if it is, it is imperative that he lose this election.  It makes a fair bit of sense too, Steve Laffey can tell you how difficult it is to go against the RINO establishment.  With McCain-Feingold, and other factors, it makes it very hard to challenge incumbents and the party machinery.

Russian catfight!

Dear God don't let Nanny Bloomberg anywhere near the White House.

The latest Brady Badness from the Soviet of New York.

So, who wants to start a betting pool on what diseases she picks up?

The deification of Ted Kennedy begins continues.  Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

Paulnut wants the Bushitler arrested at the RNC Convention

Shoebox at the Eggman's is all over this oil issue like Rosie O'Donnell at a buffet table.

Attila on the issues Obama may have in courting Jewish voters.

Updates on the big illegal immigration raid in Iowa.



Funny, but I would have gone with Bo' Rai Cho for my reference.

Neat volcano pic.

Weak.  Some company is embargoing Michael Yon's book, and Yon is having trouble getting it to military bases

Jonn on the Kanjorski comments.

Senator Widestance gets a proper tribute.

I don't remember the guy, but I dunno if he'd absorb the lesson anyway.


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May 22, 2008

Mike is back from Bike Week, and has some photos.

The European press picked up on the Yemeni journalist story, and a big boost in signatures followed.  CB thinks the number of US signatures should be much higher than they are.

Teh funneh.

Possibly even more funneh.


I'm really beginning to like Governor Palin.

Road rage...not really, MP laments the driving habits of people in Wisconsin.

Congressman sponsoring bill to increase penalties for those who engage in violence toward military personnel or vandalize military property and recruitment centers.  More suppression of free speech from the Bushitler I see.  Just another day in the Chimperor's AmeriKKKa. 

He gets points for effort.

Sounds like Floridian Jews are going to break for McCain.

Gay Iranian finally granted asylum in UK, his boyfriend was found out and executed in Iran some time back.

Google rejects Joe Lieberman's request to remove jihadi propaganda videos from youtube.

CT looks at the often arbitrary enforcement of rules on youtube.

Magic Rocks!  I remember these from when I was a kid.

bmac on greed vs. running a legit business.

...and on a related note, Old Iron lays down the fucking law on the populists and liberals whining about high oil prices and eeeevil Big Oil. Can we please send him to do a segment on Bill O'Reilly's show?  At least the Big Oil execs showed a little spine during the latest Congressional show trial this time.  It isn't that Congress doesn't know how supply and demand works, they just reject it out of hand, including our presidential candidates.

Car dealer is offering free gas or a free gun for buying a car at his dealership...why yes, nearly everyone is picking the gun.  Now that's fucking salesmanship! 


Knife control movement growing in UK.  Nanny State defined, they'll all be eating vegetable and fruit puree because forks and steak knives will be banned.

Joe says since the GOP elite have screwed up the brand, we should look to differentiate the RINO from the genuine conservative.

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May 21, 2008

Today is Cuba Solidarity Day, which starts off a two week remembrance of the crimes against humanity committed by the Castro regime in Cuba.

Sarasota continues the Nanny State March, and Moronpundit points to an old, relevant post of his.  How sad is it that awful-ass movie might actually have some relevance to reality?   CT has even more Nanny State badness.

Speaking of Moronpundit, anyone ever shred glass in a garbage disposal?  Any advice on how to get the shards out?

Catholic school sued for making school hours English only, see why the rule was enacted.

Antiwar vermin now harassing military taking public transportation, and a Democrat veteran trashed McCain's military record.  Why does the left feel the need to denigrate what McCain did during his service?  The guy went through utter hell for years, he has false teeth and can't lift his arms much beyond shoulder level and God knows what else during his time as a POW.  There's plenty to criticize McCain for, but his military service is off-fucking-limits. 

New Highlander!  Dear God don't let this suck...

Rob Briley spends his last moments in the Tennessee House whining about bloggers and the media.  You may remember Briley for his drunken singing of "Springtime for Hitler" to the TN cop who pulled his drunk ass over.  He also fled the rehab center he checked into and was found in a casino.

Evolution of the cell phone.

Ah, so that's how Obama got a 75K audience.  How bad is it that Obama can have his speech opened up by a band named The Decemberists?

Thanks Bush Admin and GOP Congress for doing fucking nothing to reduce spending!

Fun with e-cards.

Obama wants to play around with media regulation...

Slublog asks all the important questions with regards to the 2008 election.

Weasel has more fun pictures for you.

Good grief.

If Ted Kennedy was a Republican.

Traffic can come from the most interesting places...

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May 20, 2008

My review of the new sodas from the Dewmocracy ad campaign.

The New York Times picks up the story on the Yemeni journalist al-Khaiwani and Jane Novak's efforts to petition and bring attention to his unethical treatment at the hands of the Yemeni government.  If you want to sign the petition, there's a link in that post.  Jane reacts to the article at the Jawas.

The GOP tries to pin the loss of the Mississippi special election on colossal douchebag Trent Lott.  As much as I'd like to pin this on Trent Lott, that isn't the real reason we lost that district.  Conservative malaise continues...

Sox fans or Yankee haters are going to laugh at this, after they finish projectile vomiting.  They share it?

The latest caption-y goodness at VtheK's.

A little bit on the history of coffee and the coffee trade

Kentucky already being declared racist for its primary result.  A prediction on the delegate count after today's primaries, and yeah, if Hillary has a trump card, she had better play it now.

I almost read this "expensive tobacco makes smokers happier" piece, but I decided I didn't want to subject myself to the aggravating Nanny rationalizations for authoritarian behavior, but Kadnine did it for me.  Speaking of Nanny Staters...

A lot of rumors flying around this election.  It'll be interesting to see how many, if any, stick.

The latest from Geraldine Ferraro.

A followup on the vegetarian Woodstock.

Nah, they aren't even hiding it anymore.

Yeah, my parents would have killed me if I did this, or leaving me wishing they had.

A handy combo tool for you.

Buried treasure!

Maine takes has a surplus in this years tax receipts...not a problem, the state government will find ways to creatively spend it.

I'm so confused by this, they banned "assault" rifles in DC, didn't they?  So why are there drive-by's, and why are the DC police looking at buying ARs for their officers?

Our public schools are crap.

We should be watching the growing alliance between Russia and China very closely.  I don't think we can rely on old rivalry and hatred to keep them apart.  We should looking to strengthen our relationships with India, Japan, Australia and the rest of the Pacific Rim as a counter. 

Rabbi stabbed in Germany by jihadi dirtbag.

Do you know your civics?

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May 19, 2008

A look at Steve Laffey's book about his failed attempt to dethrone the most RINOy of RINOs.

And of course, the dumbassed GOP leadership continues to try and push toward the direction of the most RINOy of RINOs.

Are you a conservative looking for someone to support this election?  Here's a good one, there's a challenger to corrupt pork fiend Don Young in Alaska.  He'll need help.

This would be so hilarious if the US wasn't paying a quarter of the tab on this garbage.

Jack Thompson is a fucking douchebag, part 304,097,534,169 of a continuing series.


Why not, 55% of Japan's economy is Hello Kitty based.  The rest of the economy is made up of a mix of tentacle porn, vending machines, video games, pachinko, sushi, electronic gizmos and cars.

Another "honor killing" in Europe.

Cistercian monks pick up recording contract.

I was gonna hold off and post the whole series at once, but its rather large, so check out Moronpundit's Ask a Moron, where I ask about his strategery when faced with a large-scale zombie infestation.

Peel says the new Narnia film is worth seeing.  I don't watch many movies, but the first Narnia movie I did see, so maybe I'll have to catch this one.

Drop by the Eggman's place to see coverage of the Wisconsin state GOP convention.  There are a couple of videos of McCain speaking, which I'll have to watch later.


These things will happen when there is high demand and Congress won't allow increased supply.


This is really getting ridiculous.

ZOMG TORTURE!!1!1eleventy!1

Wow, that's pretty dickheaded.

UK looking at creating Purple Heart type service medal.

Uh, yeah, that's pretty damn close.

Neat picture.


I have nothing to add here, other than to say words can't describe how thoroughly disgusted I am by efforts to take down these old memorials.

Some dumbass feminist rails against Deadliest Catch.  Uh, lady, where do you think those crabs you eat at your four star restaurants come from?

Why people in the Rust Belt should be bitter.

A ton of pics from the NRA convention.

Finally someone calls China on supplying the Iranians with weapons.

CT on the farm subsidy racket.

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May 16, 2008

This tool needs another 5 years tacked onto his sentence for being a twat.

Yes, yes it does

I coulda told you this.  This guy is such an embarrassment to PA.

Reuters: ZOMG!!! THE BLACKSHIRTS HAVE RETURNED!!!1!1eleventy!1

Pretty much.

By the numbers.

Lemur King has a recipes section you may want to check out.


I like the idea, but the problem isn't that politicians don't recognize the capitalist model, its that they reject it.

Veggie pride!  I think I'd rather grill steaks or have bbq.

Dan at PW makes the post I wanted to make in response to Peggy Noonan's latest WSJ column.  Also, Mad Libs.

Uh, yeah, find new friends

I am letting my body move to the music, and striking a pose!

Another great Weasel pic.

Old Iron on the Nigerian terrorist organization MEND and the pirates that cause trouble in the region.

Pointy breasts, The Hostages BBF (which gets the content warning this week, NSFW), and God help us whatever Caliban came up with.  Begun, the Boob War has.  Okay, same content warnings go up for Caliban.

So, is Lorena Bobbitt a curator here?  Ha!  There's a picture!

Yeah, this isn't gonna be an overnight process.

Uh, yes, otherwise worthless GOP Congress?  MORE OF THIS!

The left doesn't own the yoots yet

...and Zimbabwe continues its downward spiral.

HAHAHAHA!!!!  Love the title!

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May 15, 2008

Malaise in the Conservative movement.

bmac says let Rome burn.  So does Moronpundit.

More fun with environmentalists.

I'm conflicted here, on one hand, I think its great the Chicago finally reversed the stupid nanny foie gras ban, on the other, I do think Daley abused his power here.  I'll call it a wash.  No, I've never eaten foie gras, and no real interest in doing so, but as a general rule, I hate being told I can't do something because one of my "betters" decided I wasn't allowed because they don't like it.  On the flipside, here's a mayor who can basically do what he wants, which is a double-edged sword.  Said sword has likely been used in authoritarian manners in the past.   The malevolent authoritarian just happened to work in liberty's favor this time.

The petition to free that Yemeni journalist continues, details here.

Six steps for the GOP to get back in the game. It'll take more than these, but a decent start. 

I can't say I'm surprised, but this has to be depressing for Canadians.


Okay, this pic made me laugh.

Its a nice day, I may engage in the official Maryland state exercise later.


I didn't even try to get it then, and I probably won't now


Gross, furries in advertising.  This was in France, and it better fucking stay there.

I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a bunny with an Oreo on its head.

Well this ought to be interesting.

Meat water!

Find out if your congresscritter helped shut down the latest attempt to increase oil supply in a high demand market.

Much as I can't stand McCain, the New York Times effort to try to diminish his military service is vile.  Get fucked, NYT.

One Americas, Two Americas, Ah Ah Ah!

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May 14, 2008

Moronosphere PSA:  I think there is at least one other Moron going to the NRA Convention this year, there are areas that are going to be restricting concealed carry for security purposes, details here.

Horses being abandoned, turned loose in the wild or left to starve because of spiking grain prices.

The Isaiah manuscript is on public display in Israel.

Yeah, we really are screwed this year.

Maybe not

Oh, this ought to be entertaining, Gov. Janet Napolitano just cut off funds that Joe Arpaio was using for his immigration enforcement measures.


Yale plays hardball.

Get out the vote, Jihadi style.

Hey, why not have schools go to a four day week, most schools don't even fill that with worthy lessons.

Must protect the beer in case I'm in a wreck.


Be sure to read Slublog's open letter to the GOP.

The Moronosphere delivers

Typical, working class and rural voters aren't drinking the Obamassiah Kool-Aid, so the WaPo takes a few isolated incidents and declares rural America a bunch of inbred racist hicks.  This is pretty typical behavior from the Nutroots and left at large, and really one of the best things we have going for us.  They hate rural America because they aren't willing to just jump on the left's bandwagon, and instead of trying to compromise, learn respect for or convince rural voters to support them, they immediately trash and alienate them.  Works for me.

On a related note, Obama goes starts visiting blue collar whitey neighborhoods.  Bet he loves that...

God help us.

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May 13, 2008

okay, *now* we're doomed

***Hi all, be sure to check out some of the good stuff some of us other morons have posted too in the daily Moronosphere linkfest.

Is it losing three House seats in traditionally GOP districts that has me declaring Game Over?  That has Allah looking for glue to huff like a blogging Patrick Tribett, but no, that isn't it.  What has me declaring its all over?  The GOP released its official campaign clothing line.  Now, you're going, okay, its just t-shirts, hats, pins, and maybe hoodies, right?  Wrong.  How do I know we're doomed? 

Here's why, the official GOP clothing line has, I regret to inform you, revived one of the most regrettable fashion trends in world history, the bane of good taste itself, the dreaded Zubaz pants.

Seriously, Zubaz? And we hoped GOP stupidity reached the pinnacle during the Amnesty disaster, now they're reviving friggin' Zubaz.

*** Thanks for the link, Michelle!

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Some filthy baseball parks...maybe check if the one you visit is on there.

I agree, this is fucking awesome.

Shoebox at the Eggman's smacks down the "Hey, Europe pays like $7-$8 for a gallon of gas, we totally can do that too!" rationalization for our poor energy policy.

Government seems pull the in the dumbest among us like a magnet.


I'm curious to see what happens with Jewish voters and supporters on the Democrat side, if they worry about Obama's crazy Anti-Semite, Anti-Israel church.

Slublog seems pretty impressed with the Evangelical Manifesto, which is an attempt by various evangelicals to separate themselves from politics.  Catholics had to do this a few decades ago, in large part because of Marxist populist priests and sisters in Latin America and to a lesser extent, Africa.  The church is still trying to reign some of them in, but overall its been successful.

A good question about bumper stickers, what do you do if your car breaks down, and you have to borrow a leftie family members car with a ZOMG!! CHIMPEACH NAO!!1!eleventy!1 bumper sticker on it?  I'd say painter's tape, throw it on when you have to drive the thing, then remove it later so not to hurt any leftie feelings. Back into where you park to hide it until your pimpmobile is repaired.

Dear God let Hillary throw the convention into chaos.

Congress remains worthless, film at 11.

British judges ditching the powdered wigs?  Lame.

The Fourth Fleet has South American Marxist thugs a bit nervous.

Ah, someone else has a plagiarist.  Hey,  did you come out of retirement, Barrett?

Afghans ditching poppies for wheat to cash in on grain price spikes?

Giant bull!

Where there's a movie, there's the Wilhelm scream.

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May 12, 2008

Evening edition!  Something a little different, I just don't have anything good to post on, but my RSS says you Morons have, so I'll do an evening edition.

Baldi has a good post on why Obama is succeeding with flaws that would sink most others.

Yeah, this election is gonna suck, nothing to do but try and entertain yourself.

Demagoguery of GTA:IV reaches DC, new regulations being considered for video game retailers.

Fast Eddie Rendell is an embarrassment too, but this is pretty bad.

I really hope Hillary throws the Democrats into chaos.

GTFO:  Obama's church has a loooooong history of "anti-Zionism", or as people who don't hate Jews know it, Anti-Semitism.

Sully continues to be clueless.

Slublog is as excited about McCain/Huck as I am.

Stash looks at a MSM piece on disabled vets.

Fast Eddie Rendell, Soviet of Philly Mayor Nutter, and the Philly PD chief try and use the murder of a Philly police officer to undermine our strong Second Amendment tradition in PA, but we can see that all three of the vermin who killed the officer have long criminal records

Okay, this is funneh.

I think I remember this, I doubt this'll go anywhere, but we'll see.  Democrats declared a motion failed when it had passed or something, the sponsor of the motion tried to argue it, and the Dems ignored him.

Nanny Bloomberg to judges:  Tell your jurors to disregard the Second Amendment

Every branch of the Armed Forces meets their recruitment goals, except the Marines, who didn't just meet their goal, they far exceeded it.

Iran may be shooting itself in the foot here.

Perennially shitty candidates seem to be a GOP hallmark.

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If you haven't already, do drop by PJM's and offer your condolences and prayers. 

Jane from the Jawas has a post up at her personal site with a note sent by that Yemeni journalist that the Yemeni government is going after.  Take a look, and you can go here to sign the petition.

Francase is looking for suggestions for cheap airfare.

Actually, this is true.  I know there are artists who probably have gone beyond around eight years and still done great original work, but there's always exceptions to the rule.


Interesting, the kid that played the young Forrest Gump enlisted with the Army, and is finished with his service this summer.

This is just too damn funneh.

This is still the early stages of the media campaigning for Obama, just wait till the actual election gets underway.

More from the dumbass We Are Change Truthers, this time with the Secret Service and the NYPD.  


Hillary's game and maybe some helpful things for McCain.  Rush might be coming around to McCain, I'm not there yet, not even close at this point.

Good news, Patti Bader-Patton won $250K in the America's Favorite Mom special, and that'll be going to Soldiers' Angels.

The Hamptons cup count.

Brian at Snapped Shot has found his new hook, drop in every once in a while to check out the Daily Dictator series.

Yep, not only is the right not going to serve the GOP, it already isn't, look how bad off McCain is in funds and volunteers.  I really hope this Next Right project takes off.

Sacrilicious toast.

Making lemonade.

Spencer Tunick still talking hippies and hipster retards into undressing for his stupid photos.

So where will Obama get his gravitas VP choice, if at all?  I'm guessing if he goes the gravitas route, he'll go with Richardson(who I guess the media would argue has gravitas) to try and take out any chance of McCain courting the Hispanic vote.

Bumper stickers, and what they say about you.


geoff says Take THAT Malor!  Story not safe for alexthechick.

Scandi Commandoes gone commando?

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May 09, 2008

A good response to Pat Toomey's defense of the Club for Growth's RINO hunting, the CFG has generally been good, but they could be better.

Like spreadsheets?  Sure, we all do.  This one lets you compare yourself to Obama, Hillary and McCain on the issues.


The housing bailout, not good for the middle class

If you're a moron and have a Facebook profile, Jen's looking for you.

Oktoberfest will see its highest beer prices evah due to grain price spikes.

Seriously, what is with Bashar Assad's lack of a chin?

Hmm...maybe we could use this to leverage for a release of that Yemeni journalist and a recapture of the Cole plotters.

More fun with weird USB crap.

I'm glad I'm not the only one getting tired of the incessant whining and populist demagoguery about oil prices.  Yeah, I'm looking at you, Bill O'Reilly.

The latest Ask a Moron.

The Minnesota Star Tribune still doesn't get it.

Some are more equal than others.

This won't help Obama, won't sink him, but it doesn't help.

The Jewish Council for the Aging gave Phil Donahue an award and an hour to rant about the Bushitler and America. Unsurprisingly, Attila(who is Jewish) isn't impressed, and says there are plenty of other worthy Jewish charities to support.

California:  The EPIC FAIL State.  Speaking of the Soviet of California... a two dollar tax hike on a six of beer?

Fun 'shop from Slublog.

Yeah, where is the condemnation from Reuters over Hezbollah's beating of their photographers?  If the Israelis had done it, the screeching would shatter glass.

FAIL  This one is seriously funny.


Why the death penalty exists.

No, I haven't posted that music video.  Hostages have your latest dose of giant boobage, and the finalist and winners for their list of Worst Sex Toy Names, and open the firing salvo in the Boob War.  Caliban fires back with a video from some guy named Rodney Carrington (comedian?), which is definitely Not Safe for Work.  I have to give round one to The Hostages, because my Yankee ears bleed when they hear country.

Canadian censorship campaign continues.

Wow, I'm impressed we had someone take such a firm line with China.  I'm sure the State Department will quickly get on its hands and knees and beg forgiveness for this.

CT has a great post on those who actively want to see the US lose and suffer in Iraq.

Malor is done with law school!

The thugs that run Myanmar seized the UN's first shipment of emergency aid food and supplies, which means UN Aid shipments are now suspended until the government allows the UN to do its relief work or the UN capitulates.  They've also rejected US aid.

Oh, shit!

Seems that a lot of people are opting to support individual candidates over just giving funds to the GOP.  I've already got a small list of downticket people that might be good to support, hopefully the bigger sites will take the same idea and run with it.

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May 08, 2008

There is a Yemeni journalist named Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani who is well respected in Yemen for his pro-democracy views.  Well, he's not so respected by the thugs in charge of Yemen, they're putting him on trial, and may give him the death penalty.  So there's a petition going around online to try and pressure the Yemeni government to back down.  I doubt it'll have an impact on those monsters, but maybe it'll get our own State Department to do its one good deed this year.  You can drop by CB's, MyVRWC and the Jawas for more information and where to sign the petition. 

Islamic clerics in Iran tell Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to chill with the Mahdi rhetoric.

The death of mystique in entertainment.

Show me the money!

So wrong...some perv must have looked at a Play-Doh fun set and thought, A-ha!

Interesting project started up by Jon Henke, Patrick Ruffini and Soren Dayton to develop a sort of conservative activist portal.  I do think this is needed, I think what it needs to do is figure out how to bridge the gap between nationally focused sites, locally focused ones and try and connect them with actual people. 

There are smart solutions to address our energy needs, they just aren't happening.



The worthless House GOP are worried about double digit losses this year, the worthless Senate GOP is less worried, now that Al Franken is self-destructing.

"Ha-Ha!  Yes, is funny...know what else is funny?  You dangling from a rope!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Take him away!"

Joey Vento is a good guy, he's donating all of his profits to the memorial fund of the Philly officer who was killed by those bank robbers.  Speaking of which, they caught another one of the vermin.  I think Vento started the whole give a day's profit to charity after 9/11, but I could be wrong.

I agree, Lake County ought to be looked at with more scrutiny then it has been getting, and I don't think it'll happen because the media is so clearly in Obama's corner, they aren't going to press the point.

Funneh.  The Bar Slaves have fun goofing on a black supremacist.


Lemur King has a fun roundup, from USB Foreman grills to men in drag.

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May 07, 2008

McCain is playing with fire in his Maverickyness, and the numbers seem to agree.

John Allen Mohammed says he's ready for the needle.  By all means, let's give it to him.

I'm glad someone else is as sick of "dialog" as I am.

Big Brother watches you, but doesn't really do much about crime. 

Coldplay sucks, and for once, there's a non-musical reason to think so.

If you haven't seen the amazing pic from the Chilean volcano, here you go.

HOT lanes worthless, more at 11.

A Reuters photographer gets beaten by an angry Hezbollah mob.

More federal bureaucrats lose track of laptops with sensitive information.

Police murdering vermin's mother cries police brutality.  I wish they would've shown her precious little snowflake some brutality. 

Camel punch?

A jihadi gets pwn3d by the Israelis, and more badness from the worthless UN.

Police chief makes an ass of himself by being irresponsible with his firearm, ends up shooting himself in the foot...but of course, only police are responsible enough and have the Godlike knowledge to handle firearms in the Brady Campaign's world.  Four Rules of Gun Safety, dude...I know them and I don't even own one yet.

Al Gore is a ratbastard.

Hey ladies, how about I show you my purple helmet after I'm done showing you my Purple Hearts?

US Citizen is going to the NRA Convention! Sounds like fun.  As for the question, its a great one, but the media and left don't see it that way, a responsible armed citizen is as large a threat, possibly larger, as any other threat in their eyes.

Awww...but I wanted chaos!

Newsmax apparently reads geoff's blog.  Okay, maybe not, but I kind of hope that the the role of Russia as agitator in the Mideast and elsewhere begins to be looked at by a broader audience, it needs to be. 


The current GOP leadership is worthless, part 938,124,096,708 of a continuing series.  Let's hope we can rebuild after the disaster that the current crop of corrupt, worthless RINOs have left us.

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May 06, 2008

Tubby monkeys!

I for one welcome our busty superbrained Eastern European overlords.

Anti-war protesters: Pay attention to meeeeeeee!

Farm subsidies are a racket.

Two very different takes on McCain's meeting with La Raza.  I'm obviously more sympathetic to the latter, probably because I'm on a similar ideological wavelength as Mike.

On the question of what to do this election, bmac says let Rome burn and rebuild.

I think Brian at Snapped Shot has found a new niche.  Okay, this one is even better.

Ed Rendell turns murdered police officer's memorial into Wellstone memorial.  Way to turn his memorial into a Brady Campaign advertisement, fuck you, Fast Eddie!

Speaking of Brady Campaign propaganda...


Brits to reduce crime statistics by just not reporting petty crime.  Sounds like the USSR.

TSO at The Sniper reports on the IVAW meeting the Progressive Caucus.

Weekly Reality Tour?  Code Pink?  EPIC FAIL

The latest in global warming stupidity.

I don't like to go in Outrage! Mode, but this really is a huge Outrage!  That property rights have been undermined like this is obscene.

Hmm...this sounds bad.

CT has a good roundup of why the UN is a worthless dunghill of an organization.

The latest Ask a Moron is up, and Tom Hanks' co-stars want to share their opinions on his endorsement of Barack Obama.

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