November 28, 2008

Blogger Down! Blogger Down!

Last night, I was over at my parents' house for the evening portion of Thanksgiving. All was well and good, until I volunteered to help bring up the leftovers from the basement refrigerator.

I had in one hand the glass bowl of stuffing. As I started to walk up the steps, I tripped upward, dropped the glass bowl, which then broke, with my momentum causing me to fall hands first onto the glass.


I never knew what having a giant shard of glass in my bloody hand felt like until last night. Now I do, and I never want to have that happen again. All the while, my cousin's twin boys just stared at the carnage, saying, "Wow! That looks like it hurts." Ahh. 8 year olds!

Anyway, no stitches were needed, but I do need to keep it heavily bandaged until a good scab develops, and my typing has to be curtailed, so I may be away for a while.

And what really sucks is that my injured hand is my right hand, which I use for "cleaning the prostate".

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November 07, 2008

The Doubleplusundead Twitterfeed

I set up a Twitter account for updates to the site, in case you're interested. 

I'll still be Twittering over here, though. 

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November 04, 2008

Election Day HQ

Here you go, feel free to speculate aimlessly and wildly,'s been having issues, if it goes down again, go to CB's or Linc's, it's being hosted there.

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